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Maker Movement

Maker Movement

All things MAKER, Maker-spaces, Fab Labs, Maker-fair, Maker, Hackspaces, Participatory Learning,...

Patricia Smeyers and 63 others have joined the group Maker Movement 2 years ago

There is a Google Group that you can join in regards to making. They share a lot of resources and events around the state: groups.google.com/forum/ (the full... Show more

Google Groups Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations. groups.google.com/forum/

Can you explain what you mean by "strictly aesthetic in nature"? Can you give an example?



Chris Cox Try This! "Making" Poetry 2 years ago

Let's share activities and corresponding rubrics and assessments!!!

How to succeed in Business documentary- www.youtube.com/channel/UCnkPlILzmiAkaTjgdOmeBSg Need to change the mindset .

Most Likely To Succeed Team From Director Greg Whiteley and Executive Producer Ted Dintersmith MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED is a groundbreaking documentary that made its world premiere at the... www.youtube.com/channel/UCnkPlILzmiAkaTjgdOmeBSg

Assessment - assess the discrete skills to reach the end goal. Using movement to assist in understanding content such as reading and writing... Show more

Authentic audience is critical for motivating students and for them doing their BEST work.

Design thinking courses brought into the district by Montclair State professors. Students did not know how to design a project unless the... Show more

How do you utilize the resources around you?

Maker Movement gives an opportunity to fail forward. Failutre is an opportunity to learn. This is a way to teach them it is okay to fail -... Show more

Funding makerspaces - materials need to purchase are not in vendor catalog or cannot purchase online such as Amazon. Plus younger students are using... Show more

How to assess the makerspace? Can students go through a process of mini objectives to get to a final product? Urationse a rubric and a point scale... Show more

SPACE -most makerspaces are in libraries, but is it the "right" space? It may be dirty. Part of cafeteria where the resources does not have to be... Show more

Change culture - begin with yoga and mindfulness-turnkey in class, it's okay to fail. Mindfulness station is in each class. A precursor to getting... Show more

Example of activities - PK - build buildings with cardboard and light the buildings. PK and the Arts - use colors. PK-build the tallest bridge out... Show more

Stafford Twp - EdCamp in February 2018. More information will be in the events section.

Invite stakeholders to observe the students in class - twice per year. Videotape what is happeing in class and post to website. Use SeeSaw tool to... Show more

EdCamp - purpose? original model - learning as you go. Evolved into different things. Ask questions - what am I trying to do? Importance of... Show more